Gorsefield Primary School

Gorsefield Primary school joined Forward As One in April 2015 and has since been on a significant journey of improvement. The school also has a nursery, where children from as young as two are accessing high quality learning and provision at such a crucial stage in their development.

Pupil outcomes improved significantly when the school joined Forward As One and a new Principal has now been appointed by the trust to ensure that Gorsefield continues to go from strength to strength. The staff at Gorsefield strongly believe that there is no limit to what our children can achieve and we are committed to working with children, parents and the community to ensure every child reaches their full potential. Our teachers and support staff are now benefiting from and contributing towards the high quality training and development that takes place across Forward As One – ensuring that every child receives the best teaching and learning possible.

The Principal at Gorsefield is Mrs Onyekaba. She says that: “every child at Gorsefield is special and has huge potential. We are determined to provide the highest standards of learning possible and the big improvements made since joining the trust are moving us closer to that. We have an open door policy and we are deeply committed to working closely with parents and the community to make sure that all our children receive the very best start in life possible.”

Contact Us

Robertson Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4DW

Telephone: 0161 725 9750

Email: gorsefield@bury.gov.uk

Website: www.gorsefieldprimary.school