School Improvement

School Improvement Model

The core purpose of Forward As One is to provide every child within our trust with the very best educational experience possible. Children deserve the highest quality of learning and development and we are passionate that our children are well prepared to succeed in the lives that lie ahead of them.

Alongside our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of teaching and outcomes in core subjects, we believe that all children should be inspired by the opportunities and the wonders of the world around them. Our schools provide a wealth of extra-curricular and cultural activities – through music, sport, the arts and experiencing life beyond our immediate communities. We believe that children should see the endless possibility that comes through hard working, dedication, and passion for learning and the world around them. Our staff are encouraged to channel their own passion and enthusiasm into making this vision a reality for our children on each and every day.

As a trust, we are also deeply committed to children’s and staff wellbeing. We believe that we can only learn and thrive if we are supported and confident in our roles and work. We work hard to make sure that there is a strong culture of support, understanding and listening across our schools – and that no one is left behind.

Staff Development

The success of our schools depends on our investment in colleagues’ professional development and learning.

As a trust we are very proud that so many of our staff have progressed in their careers and are making an even bigger difference to children across our area. Whether it’s the growing number of teachers who have progressed from being trainees with us and are now working in senior leadership roles within the trust, or the office and estates staff who now have responsibilities for working across more than one school – the opportunities to develop and grow within our organisation are endless.

Our emphasis on staff development and ‘growing our own’ talent is based on our commitment to spotting people’s enthusiasm and potential at an early stage, investing in every member of staff’s development through ‘in house’ and external courses and coaching and mentoring, and a culture where there are numerous opportunities to step up and lead projects across our schools and to support others schools in the region. Our staff are able to access coaches and mentors from across our schools who are experts in their fields – including designated National and Specialist Leaders of Education.

Forward As One is recognised by a number of national bodies as an accredited centre for professional development and training. We are designated to deliver School Direct placements for trainee teachers, the improving and outstanding teacher programmes for new and serving teachers, and a range of leadership qualifications – including the National Qualifications for Middle and Senior Leadership – in partnership with Edge Hill University. This wide range of training provision ensures that our teaching staff receive the highest standards of professional development available – and it’s on their doorstep! Alongside, this our non-teaching staff are provided with a wide-range of learning opportunities and are able to access relevant courses, professional development and networks to ensure that they fulfill their career ambitions.

“I have had the chance to share my skills and experiences with teachers internationally through a visit to Singapore and other international connections through the British Council. At Forward As One we are encouraged to share our practice and support improvement in other schools, and that is such a positive way in which to pursue your own growth and development. I am learning all the time!”
Shema Patel, Foundation Stage Lead, St Paul’s

Supporting improvements in more schools and communities

Forward As One has a long history and a strong-track record in supporting and securing improvements in schools across the north west of England. As a National Support School, St Paul’s is nationally recognised for the expertise and capacity that our staff have to support other schools to improve. Indeed, our staff have a well-earned reputation for the quality of their work and their positive impact on children’s learning.

Many of our staff have played a key role in supporting improvements in other schools. From providing coaching, mentoring and training to teachers in other schools to improving the quality of the environment and health and safety procedures – Forward As One has already made a big difference to many schools and communities. Our staff tell us that working across schools and gaining the opportunities to learn from and share best practice with others is something they value very highly indeed.

Every employee of Forward As One is part of a wider family of schools and communities, each focused on making a difference to each and every child we serve – be they in Bolton, Bury, Radcliffe or elsewhere. The potential for our staff to make a difference to children’s lives is endless.

After joining St Paul’s as a caretaker five years ago, I am now working across the trust as Facilities Manager – with responsibility for areas such as health and safety and fire risk assessment, and line-managing a team of cleaners and apprentices. I was encouraged to step up and take on new opportunities, but also given the support and training I needed to really thrive in the job. We’re all part of a wider family and we’re making a difference to children in many different ways.”
George, Facilities Manager

“Support from the executive headteacher and team of staff at St Paul’s Church of England Primary School Multi-Academy Trust (Forward As One) has been pivotal in the school’s improvement. This support is currently ‘light touch’ as school leaders now have the capacity to move the school forward independently.”
Bolton Parish Church Primary School, Ofsted Report, October 2016.