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The Trust Board has taken the opportunity of the award of the Northern Fund to strengthen governance. We have followed DFE guidance to clarify lines of accountability and terms of reference at each level of governance. We have also introduced separation between the levels of governance and enhanced the skill set of both members and Trustees. All members and Trustees are unpaid for this role.

Members Board

Members (ID 1129)


Ethos & Ethics

Rev. P Hardingham Foundation member (Representative of incumbent of St Paul’s) and Chair of Members board

Awarded a BSc from University of London and a BA from Cambridge. Paul was ordained in 1978.
Vicar of one of the largest churches in the Diocese of Manchester, with approximately 600 adults and 200 children spread across 6 congregations and 5 different buildings, Paul holds a key leadership role in the community.

PCC Vacancy


Community Vacancy


Project Management

Peter Bond Foundation member  (Chair of Trustee board)

Peter has extensive experience as a project officer at MBDA systems (retired). He has skills in project management, financial planning, and strategic planning With over 20 years of experience as school governor, under his chairmanship, St Paul's CE Primary, Astley Bridge was graded outstanding   


Deborah Smith (Diocesan)

Director of Education for Manchester Diocese from November 2019. Previously worked as Deputy Director of Education for Carlisle Diocese. Over 30 years’ experience in education and has taught across Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 through to Higher Education. As a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, delivered on both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Achieved Master of Science degree in Education and is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. Also an experienced SIAMS inspector. Passionate about the way education can open opportunities for all children and supports the Church of England vision for education of ‘life in all its’ fullness’ being made available to all.



Trustees (ID 1122)



Project Management

Peter Bond Foundation (DBE) Chair - Peter has extensive experience as a project officer at MBDA systems (retired). He has skills in project management, financial planning, and strategic planning With over 20 years of experience as school governor, under his chairmanship, St Paul's CE Primary, Astley Bridge was graded outstanding.   

Ethos and Ethics 





Finance & Risk

Andrew Simm

 Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in April 2001, spent nearly 20 years in the Profession working in practice, with a stint in Industry from 2003-2006. Has experience in the following:   

 Preparing accounts for small/medium sized companies and Charities  

Advising owner-managed businesses on accounting, taxation and other business matters,   

Advising on VAT matters   

Management accounts preparation/review Forecasting/budgeting  

Auditing limited companies  




School Improvement

Pamela Carter
A retired Headteacher, Pamela took her school to triple Outstanding for both SIAMS and Ofsted inspections. Pamela continues to work as a part time school improvement partner for 11 primary schools in Lancashire. Pamela has a depth of experience in holding schools to account and providing constructive challenge and support to schools in a wide range of circumstances.  

Strategy & Compliance

Michael Crossley
Production project manager at MBDA, STEAM ambassador. Skills in international project and senior corporate management. 20 years of experience as a school governor.    


Jane Austin
Recently retired from a career in education that included teaching and leadership roles in primary and secondary schools, including in the developing world. Janet was previously a local authority inspector and held the position of Director of Excellence in Cities, a government initiative to reduce the impact of deprivation on children's learning. Appointed HMI in 2003 and worked directly for Ofsted for 13 years, specialising in supporting improvement in failing schools. Jane subsequently worked part-time as a contractor for Ofsted for several years.


Anne Casey

35 years’ experience in UK Education across school, local, national and commercial fields with a deep personal commitment to improving outcomes for all learners. Anne is Founding Director of ACE, an Educational Solutions Consultancy that provides innovative approaches and methodologies that address critical educational and social mobility issues. Anne is an expert in Governance, education strategy, digital strategy and MAT development. 30 years as teacher, LA Adviser, Principal and Senior civil servant with an impressive portfolio of program and policy work spanning local, national and international work. Currently adviser to Confederation of School Trusts, Governors for Schools, Government of Jersey, Vice chair of the Charity YGAM, CEO Mentor, CEO appraiser and CEO of EFATrust.

Previously DFE Deputy Director to the RSC, a senior civil servant role working with 25 LAs, influencing and communicating Government policy to shape the educational landscape. Anne has been responsible for approval of Free schools and assessing Free School capacity. Highly regarded by colleagues and recognised for changing the educational landscape, her work continues to strengthen links between education and employment, bringing together people, ideas, practices and technology, truly transforming and improving outcomes for students, schools and businesses.




Mr Pete Bond

Paul Hardingham

Mr Lee Nowland (Resigned 22.11.23)

Deborah Smith 




01.10.17  (Resigned 22.11.23)



Trustees Start Date End Date
Mrs Jane Austin 13/10/20 12/10/24 Member Appointed Trustee
Mr Pete Bond 01/07/19 01/07/27 Member Appointed Trustee
Ms Pamela Carter 28/11/22 27/11/26 Member Appointed Trustee
Mr Mick Crossley 18/10/16 17/10/24 Member Appointed Trustee
Mr Andrew Simm 01/10/17 30/09/25 Member Appointed Trustee
Mr Peter White 12/12/20 Resigned 10/03/24 Member Appointed Trustee
Mrs Anne Casey 08/01/24 07/01/28 Member Appointed Trustee