ONE Forward As One CE Academy Trust

Our Approach

At Forward As One, we literally move forward as One Family of schools, bringing our individual gifts to strengthen what we offer to our children, our families, and our staff in order to achieve our ‘One Mission.’

This does not, however, mean that all of our schools are identical. Our schools are different, meeting the needs of their unique communities.



As One Team, with One Mission, for Our One Family, we embrace diversity, we celebrate the uniqueness of each school and the community it serves. It is this uniqueness that makes us collectively stronger as we learn and grow together and from each other.

Each of our schools works with their community to develop their own mission statement which, for our strong schools drives the creation of their own values led curriculum.

When necessary – when schools that join us are struggling, we put our FA1 curriculum in place to support swift improvement and cut workload so that provision for children in the school improves swiftly.

This enables us to support the school, the staff, the children and the leadership more effectively.

As an organisation where Our One mission is to be an organisation where everyone will flourish, our Flourish model of school improvement underpins this approach.

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School leadership teams work with Trust leaders to self-evaluate on a termly basis, this self-evaluation then informs the school’s position on our Flourish continuum. This then  identifies how we will work together to support the school in achieving it’s aims.